No Rest for the Wicked

If you’ve been wondering at my lack of posting and commenting lately, I will now tell you more than you wanted to know.

Still there?

I was on vacation last week, which included two days at the movie theater (Thor is quite good, if hardly action packed) and quite a few rentals courtesy of Amazon Instant Video.

More to the point, I developed a case of shingles below the belt which (hopefully) has irritated some nerves and is causing me no small amount of pain. It is also possible I’ve developed an incisional hernia courtesy of all my surgical scar tissue from last year, but the GP doctor thinks it quite suspicious I got shingles and pain at the same time, plus he could not locate a knot or bulge during a hernia exam. (Which I recommend to all masochists).

If you so choose please join me in praying that my disease is shingles and not a hernia, because not only do I not want to see a surgeon again, but I gather there is a good chance a hernia repair could be quite complicated with all my scar tissue.

In the meantime I will be moving and typing rather more slowly than normal (I type incredibly slowly, as is.)  Non-aspirin pain relievers are a Godsend, I will say.


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