Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

Two music samples from Kerry Muzzey to demo what I might like in a movie adaptation of the fiction I'm working on. The keyword is ethnic, though some heroic brass and sincere piano would likely also be necessary (Suggestions for kazoo and washboard would try me, because I'd have a hard time rejecting a famous film composer, … Continue reading Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

Found it!

Been looking for a "sibling theme" for a piece of fiction I'm working on.  Something like this more than qualifies for the movie in my head. Kerry Muzzey is the composer. Just beautiful.

Yet Another Bit of Trailer Music

Available for purchase on Best of Brand X Music with lots more neat tracks. This music has been used quite a bit I think. Personally it fits my idea of a Dr. Strange trailer, if Marvel Comics ever gets around to making a new film adaptation (Rumor is he may appear in Thor 2). It fits … Continue reading Yet Another Bit of Trailer Music

Season’s Greetings and Season’s Music– Epic Trailer Style

The full album playlist is here and the album is available for purchase on Amazon and Itunes. Merry Christmas.

Trailer Music Video: Jo Blankenburg’s “Vendetta” Sessions

Because there has been a lack of EPIC!!! at this blog lately....

The Official Goulabloggger Trailer Music

Because being the Goulablogger is pure action adventure!

What Are We Doing Tonight?

Saving the World, thanks to some possibly familiar tunes....                   And a preorder for the BluRay set is here