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Resurrection Tomb Mystery Summary

Too much Arimethea, too much CGI, too much staging, too much leading the viewer. Cool technology, cool archaeological site.

Yes it’s short, courtesy of Twitter. But that’s about all the verbiage the show seems worth.

Check out the triple live blogs on the show:

Tom Verenna

Mark Goodacre

Bob Cargill


Another “Jonah Ossuary” Roundup

Courtesy of James “I’m All Over It” McGrath. He obviously had some spare time during those repetitive commercials at the beginning of classic Doctor Who dvds.

Another Example of YouTube Actually being Educational

At Bob Cargill‘s YouTube page which mixes some personal material with a lot of scholarly stuff, including a number of videos on that current controversy, soon to be forgotten, the “Jonah Ossuary”.

Personally it leads me to wonder if being a “digital humanist” and “advocate of higher public education” means you get to goof on the Internet a lot.

Latest Talpiot Roundup

Yes, still going strong around the blogs. “Esseff” McGrath lists them here.

Early Roundup on “The Jesus Discovery”, Talpiot Tomb B

Here, courtesy of Tom Verenna.

General consensus? Shakespearean. “Much Ado About Nothing” “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

2/29: And here’s some more for another day: James “SciFi” McGrath

3/1: Another Day’s list, courtesy of “Skiffy” McGrath

3/5: He roundups, I link: thanks “SF” McGrath

The “Jesus Nails”: Here we go… Again.

Todd Bolen of BiblePlaces Blog links to a PDF Simcha Jacobovici has written responding to his critics, whom he very openly names.

WARNING! Jacobovici paper is 46 pages long!

The good news is the inevitable responses from the critics will be much shorter, I suspect.

Jesus Crucifixion Nails Roundup Page

I’m way early on this, but I figured I’d start a page I can update as various bloggers beat  the snot out of opine about Simcha Jacobovici’s latest publicity hunting archaeological discovery.

So far we have a mere two, but they’re good ones:

Robert Cargill

Rogue Classicism

UPDATE: 4-12-2011: A news story about the snigger discovery has a bit of a quote from archeology professor Gabriel Barkay about why nails would be in the tomb.

UPDATE: 4-13-2011: Todd Bolen of BiblePlaces Blog has a cluster of quotes from Gabriel Barkay again about nails and tombs.

UPDATE: 4-14-2011: So Simcha Jacobovici is upset scholars aren’t turning handsprings at his latest silliness discovery. Real scholars explain why in the comments Jim West’s blogpost. And then Mark Goodacre writes a short essay explaining why he now prefers to ridicule certain claims. I think Jim West’s cats have the right reactions (Simcha’s not the only shameless publicity whore).

UPDATE: 4-15-2011: Todd Bolen references this very informative article by Gordon Franz

UPDATE 4-19-2011: Joe Zias, an anthropologist intimately involved with the Jesus nails, gives his own account of their modern history and Simcha Jacobovici’s claims about them.

I’m sure there’s more than the subject deserves to come.