Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

Two music samples from Kerry Muzzey to demo what I might like in a movie adaptation of the fiction I'm working on. The keyword is ethnic, though some heroic brass and sincere piano would likely also be necessary (Suggestions for kazoo and washboard would try me, because I'd have a hard time rejecting a famous film composer, … Continue reading Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

Found it!

Been looking for a "sibling theme" for a piece of fiction I'm working on.  Something like this more than qualifies for the movie in my head. Kerry Muzzey is the composer. Just beautiful.

Trailer Music Overload

A recent search on Amazon turned up two new producers of commercial music for your listening pleasure, including a large dose of "screaming chorus, thundering orchestra" albums, better known as modern film trailer music. Try Northbrook Film Collective for fifteen mp3 albums and West One Music for fifty(!) mp3 albums. Of course,at West One Music's … Continue reading Trailer Music Overload