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Biblical Philology is a Song

This youtube video has gone a bit viral. It’s a song set to a possibly familiar tune, as Tom Lehrer was wont to say


Religious Holiday Music…

Well, sort of… if a certain view of Halloween is part of your religion…

A History of Horror in Music


For a Halloween offering, here’s a link to a nice two disc survey of classic horror movie music from the City of Prague Philharmonic. Of course, horror being a particularly good subject for composers, you could easily double or triple the size of this collection.

Fiction Music… Again

So if this piece describes the relationship of the protagonist and his sister…

Then this describes the relationship with the girlfriend…

Still a sucker for sincere piano.

Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

Two music samples from Kerry Muzzey to demo what I might like in a movie adaptation of the fiction I’m working on. The keyword is ethnic, though some heroic brass and sincere piano would likely also be necessary (Suggestions for kazoo and washboard would try me, because I’d have a hard time rejecting a famous film composer, as some directors did to Jerry Goldsmith!!!)

(Yes, this is all fantasy, and too bad, as I like Muzzey’s music and wouldn’t mind being able to throw work his way. In another universe, as comic book nerds say….)



A Little Math and Logic about Digital Piracy

In my circles we use the old quote “The laborer is worth his hire”. Simple truth: piracy is disincentive for artists to produce the things you like but don’t pay for. Easier to get a job without piracy involved to pay bills. So if you like something, pay and encourage more like it to be produced.

To read: Kerry Muzzey muses on Piracy

Found it!

Been looking for a “sibling theme” for a piece of fiction I’m working on.  Something like this more than qualifies for the movie in my head. Kerry Muzzey is the composer.

Just beautiful.