Definitive Horror Music Collection Available from Itunes

The bigger scary film music download is ready for last minute thrills and spooks here. Four and a half hours of movie chills.

A History of Horror in Music

For a Halloween offering, here's a link to a nice two disc survey of classic horror movie music from the City of Prague Philharmonic. Of course, horror being a particularly good subject for composers, you could easily double or triple the size of this collection.

Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

Two music samples from Kerry Muzzey to demo what I might like in a movie adaptation of the fiction I'm working on. The keyword is ethnic, though some heroic brass and sincere piano would likely also be necessary (Suggestions for kazoo and washboard would try me, because I'd have a hard time rejecting a famous film composer, … Continue reading Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

And Let That Be a Warning to You

Posted an utterly awful review (my first) on Amazon today. An mp3 download doesn't. Beware. It's here UPDATE: Credit to Amazon. They issued a prompt refund, even though policy says they don't refund mp3s. Good for them.

Sousa Steal!

Looking for music to play on election day at work, I came across this: That's five CDs, almost four hours forty-five minutes of John Philip Sousa for what would normally pay for a two CD mp3 download. Get it at Amazon.

Trailer Music Overload

A recent search on Amazon turned up two new producers of commercial music for your listening pleasure, including a large dose of "screaming chorus, thundering orchestra" albums, better known as modern film trailer music. Try Northbrook Film Collective for fifteen mp3 albums and West One Music for fifty(!) mp3 albums. Of course,at West One Music's … Continue reading Trailer Music Overload

My Favorite Viola da Gamba Piece

Written by the last great viola da gamba composer, Carl Freidrich Abel.  Here the piece is performed at two different tempos in YouTube videos, which I think just shows what a great piece of music this is. And yes, this is also my learning to add Videos to the blog. There are tons on classical … Continue reading My Favorite Viola da Gamba Piece

John Beal Music MP3s

John Beal was, before he moved on to other things, a prolific arranger of film music, usually "homages" for use in movie trailers. His two cd collection of trailer music Coming Soon is out of print now but readily available used. Recently I discovered Amazon has a collection of some of his trailer music and … Continue reading John Beal Music MP3s

If You Like Horror Movie Music….

You now have a one stop four CD or 600+ megabyte mp3 collection available from Silva Screen Records: The Definitive Horror Music Collection. This collection is a virtual history of horror film music, going back as far as Nosferatu(1922) and Bride of Frankenstein to as recent as Twilight and Drag Me to Hell (2009). If … Continue reading If You Like Horror Movie Music….