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It Takes a Little Help To Kill a Mockingbird

Read the story of how one of the most famous novels of the 20th century was created by Harper Lee’s gift(s).

If You Must Have an Old English Bible, KJVers…

…We aim to please. Try this website.

No need to thank me.

Bible Secrets Revealed Episodes Online

The new History Channel show, the first episode of which I watched last night, is available for internet viewing here.

I repeat, the show is just a fast review of controversial aspects of the Bible that have been pondered by believers and scholars and skeptics for a very long time. It is a good way to become acquainted with biblical scholarship and see some current scholars of note in the flesh, as it were. It raises questions without really giving full answers, as television usually does, by nature.


HT: Bob Cargill

Halloween Ancient Style

Another link to a different blog post for Halloween. This time it’s from Tom “Long Live the American Revolution!” Verenna. Don’t click here if you’re easily frightened.

Vampire Archaeology

Been a while since I posted a link. So, in honor of Halloween season, here’s one. Dorothy “I blog for dog toys” King gives an intro to excavated “vampires” here.

Fiction Music… Again

So if this piece describes the relationship of the protagonist and his sister…

Then this describes the relationship with the girlfriend…

Still a sucker for sincere piano.

Hints at the Soundtrack in My Head

Two music samples from Kerry Muzzey to demo what I might like in a movie adaptation of the fiction I’m working on. The keyword is ethnic, though some heroic brass and sincere piano would likely also be necessary (Suggestions for kazoo and washboard would try me, because I’d have a hard time rejecting a famous film composer, as some directors did to Jerry Goldsmith!!!)

(Yes, this is all fantasy, and too bad, as I like Muzzey’s music and wouldn’t mind being able to throw work his way. In another universe, as comic book nerds say….)



That’s My Excuse for Today

I’d write a blog but @ChuckWendig would sue for copyright infringement– in colorful and vulgar language, too.

Chuck Wendig’s NSFW writing blog

A Little Math and Logic about Digital Piracy

In my circles we use the old quote “The laborer is worth his hire”. Simple truth: piracy is disincentive for artists to produce the things you like but don’t pay for. Easier to get a job without piracy involved to pay bills. So if you like something, pay and encourage more like it to be produced.

To read: Kerry Muzzey muses on Piracy

Amos Blog Series

Old Testament Professor and blogger Claude Mariottini has written some nine blogs so far on the Prophet Amos and his visions. Excellent overview material for those reading and studying Amos, like all of us using Lifeway’s Explore the Bible series this quarter.

You can read the Amos blogs starting here. (Claude is apparently reworking his blog. A few pages have disappeared. These are the current working Amos pages. Hopefully the other pages get added again, because they’re all good.)