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Resurrection Tomb Mystery Summary

Too much Arimethea, too much CGI, too much staging, too much leading the viewer. Cool technology, cool archaeological site.

Yes it’s short, courtesy of Twitter. But that’s about all the verbiage the show seems worth.

Check out the triple live blogs on the show:

Tom Verenna

Mark Goodacre

Bob Cargill


Can I Skip the Sackcloth and Ashes?

I am repenting of not having put Robert Cargill on the Blogroll before now. In case you haven’t noticed, he has recently and exhaustively done articles on problems with the “Jesus Discovery”. He also regularly does humor posts. He has an adorable family whose pictures he occasionally posts. And yes, no few women seem to think he takes a nice photo himself. (Hate him already, guys?)

So onto the blogroll he goes. We’re not worthy, but maybe I can slip this one by him.

Latest Talpiot Roundup

Yes, still going strong around the blogs. “Esseff” McGrath lists them here.

Early Roundup on “The Jesus Discovery”, Talpiot Tomb B

Here, courtesy of Tom Verenna.

General consensus? Shakespearean. “Much Ado About Nothing” “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

2/29: And here’s some more for another day: James “SciFi” McGrath

3/1: Another Day’s list, courtesy of “Skiffy” McGrath

3/5: He roundups, I link: thanks “SF” McGrath