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Bible Secrets Revealed Episodes Online

The new History Channel show, the first episode of which I watched last night, is available for internet viewing here.

I repeat, the show is just a fast review of controversial aspects of the Bible that have been pondered by believers and scholars and skeptics for a very long time. It is a good way to become acquainted with biblical scholarship and see some current scholars of note in the flesh, as it were. It raises questions without really giving full answers, as television usually does, by nature.


HT: Bob Cargill


Oh, Just Watch It Already!

History Channel’s Bible Secrets Revealed is aiming for controversy, but truthfully most of what it should talk about is long familiar to those acquainted with bible scholarship. My goal is just to see people talking about the Bible in this post-Christian era. Also it’s a chance to see several folk I know from social media.

Halloween Ancient Style

Another link to a different blog post for Halloween. This time it’s from Tom “Long Live the American Revolution!” Verenna. Don’t click here if you’re easily frightened.

Vampire Archaeology

Been a while since I posted a link. So, in honor of Halloween season, here’s one. Dorothy “I blog for dog toys” King gives an intro to excavated “vampires” here.

History versus Hollywood: Barry Strauss Edition


Though I often read books to learn the truth about movies I’ve already seen (good thing about Hollywood), I find it much more entertaining to read the book first if possible and then laugh and snark at the movie. Here’s three ancient war titles related to films from Barry Strauss.

Today in History

April 18, 1930: BBC Radio announces there is no news.

That’ll never happen in this day of 24 hour news networks.

About 2016 or So Years Ago….

ltl-jbirthEnlarge and behold just some of the events around the Nativity, courtesy of Logos 5‘s Timeline feature: