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Music for a Unexpected Visitor…


If You Like Horror Movie Music….

You now have a one stop four CD or 600+ megabyte mp3 collection available from Silva Screen Records: The Definitive Horror Music Collection.

This collection is a virtual history of horror film music, going back as far as Nosferatu(1922) and Bride of Frankenstein to as recent as Twilight and Drag Me to Hell (2009).

If that isn’t enough, you can also get an excellent two CD mp3 download of Gothic goodness: Hammer: The Studio that Dripped Blood, from Silva or Amazon. This album benefits immensely from majoring on the music of James Bernard, who was a far better classically- trained composer than one might expect from Hammer horror films. The film music here ranges from the classic Dra-cu-la theme to the heady mix of thundering and ethereal in The Devil Rides Out to She and Creatures the World Forgot.

Download then, and shiver for Halloween!