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A Review of the “Noah” film You’ll Want to Read

Brian Mattson’s Sympathy for the Devil, which says the film is diametrically opposite what most viewers think it is, and very much a work for the twenty-first century. Lots of good info for those without ancient religions background.

HT: Mike Heiser via Twitter

Scattered Talk about Jesus’ Wife

Including Peter Head addressing some of Karen King’s arguments for the authenticity of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife papyri. McGrath the Roundup dog has this and a few more links here.

Goodacre Rounds Up Diss-cussion of Jesus’ Wife

Mark also re-emphasizes the strength of Francis Watson’s argument against the papyri’s authenticity. It’s available here.

A Little Roundup on the Authenticity of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

This question can get technical very quickly, so I recommend easing into the subject this way:

1. Two articles, with pictures, from Tom Verenna

2. Move on to the brief post from Paul Barford

3. Dive into the deep end with the scholars at Evangelical Textual Criticism (read the comments section)


4. Put on your protective gear and read this from Francis Watson

Save Your Pennies, Coptic Students

So I’ve been looking at Ehrman and Plese’s Apocryphal Gospels.It’s six hundred pages of original language with English translation, quite nicely done and at first look fairly literally translated (good in a diglot). Ehrman mentions they chose not to do much of the Nag Hammadi literature because a diglot edition was already readily available for students.

Well, yes, sort of.

The Coptic Gnostic Library aren’t the most outrageously expensive paperbacks I’ve ever seen, but they do take ones’s breath away. Students can definitely rejoice at Ehrman and Plese’s ordinarily priced book in comparison, and the merely curious can read English translations of the Nag Hammadi texts all over the Internet, or pick from several well-respected collections of texts.