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Old Jordanville Prayer Book for Esword

In commemoration of Esteban Vazquez’s blog‘s silence (yet again 😉  ), I mention that the Russian Orthodox Prayer Book “The Old Jordanville Prayer Book” has come available for download as an e-Sword topic note recently at e-Sword users dot org, where I believe you will need to register to download files.

I’ve been skimming a number of prayer books lately. It’s interesting stuff from a non-liturgical background. And of course, you can learn a great deal from how people pray.


The One Stop eSword Module Site

It’s no secret that much of my blog traffic comes from people looking for modules for eSword. Well, let me solve some of my visitors’ searching by posting the link to biblesupport.com , where you can download most esword modules that I have (and I have tons!) in self-extracting files. It’s a fairly new site, but its complete, and yes, its free.

Go hither and load up, if you haven’t already.