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A Key to Understanding Politics

Two Words that explain so so much:



Wall Street Journal Newtown Connecticut Stream Page

Can be found here if you can bear reading the news and opinion surrounding this tragedy.

Read these on Newtown and Gun Control

Charles C. W. Cooke in National Review Online offers a logical but sad opinion here.  A Linked article in the Cooke’s article is important enough to merit it’s own link here, as it asks a very important and disturbing question.

This is only the beginning of this latest round in this discussion, I’m sure.

Open Email to President Barack Hussein Obama

Received 1st notice of FEMA debt collection today from Treasury, with roughly $600 interest. Don’t see how I can be charged interest without genuine notification, which has never previously been made.

Procedure resembles mafia, not democratic government. As stands now, with no open process and money demands without any process, I have no guarantee of further government extortion without process every day from henceforth. This is not democratic government, it’s thug mafia. It is intolerable and must be redressed or severe governmental reform undertaken. As citizen and taxpayer I expect a response and a redress.

I will be paying debt in 2 days. I will mistrust my government forevermore. You have it within your power to restore that trust. Do not lose the opportunity by ignoring me.

The Dangers of Political Hyperbole

The Apocalypse will come when Jesus appears to protect His copyright on end of the world imagery currently being used by fans of both political parties.

Things We Learned in the Presidential Debate

Obama likes his teleprompter and Romney hates Big Bird.