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Babylon 3D (Pictures…beautiful pictures!)

Sadly missed this beautiful visual reconstruction site throughout our Sunday School study of Ezekiel and Daniel, but the images will help Biblical and ancient history students better visualize one of the great ancient cities. Really great stuff.

See it here



Seen on the shelves of a local Books-a-million:




I had nothing to do with Ehrman’s book hiding. I assume Bart requested that display from his natural modesty.

Multiple Choice Christmas…

In Greek, no less!


(Swanson’s New Testament Greek Manuscripts, Luke)

Don’t Be A Baby…

…Read the Nativity Story in English the way it was intended.


(Tyndale 1526 facsimile)

Bibles for Those Who Don’t Want the Bible


All the rage these days….

Happy Halloween: BluRay Edition


Together with my rather massive horror DVD collection, these recent purchases should keep me busy between now and Halloween– er, uh– Reformation Day–ahem– Fall Festival.

And no, I don’t often pay full price for movies, anymore. Though these deserve a little more price, as they almost all contain numerous special features, which seems a dying trend in home video releases these days.

Now I’m off to the movies, as it were….

Aspirations not Realities

DSC00720DSC00726 Reader’s editions are the ultimate proof I think that we buy books more for who we want to be than we are. Here is the most realistic Greek New Testament available, one with Greek text but lots of translation helps. That fits most readers of the Greek NT abilities rather more accurately than full Greek texts.

Recently acquired his one from Amazon. It is the bonded leather edition, lighter and more genuine bible like than the hardback or the paperback. And with three months of New Testament scheduled in Sunday school, it could actually see some use.