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Biblical Philology is a Song

This youtube video has gone a bit viral. It’s a song set to a possibly familiar tune, as Tom Lehrer was wont to say


You Want Ancient Jewish and Christian Documents, Start Here

Instead of spending money on another half-baked Lost Gospel (None of the Above), aim your browser at this link and drown in legitimate texts. Be sure to click the links at the top left.

It Takes a Little Help To Kill a Mockingbird

Read the story of how one of the most famous novels of the 20th century was created by Harper Lee’s gift(s).

Babylon 3D (Pictures…beautiful pictures!)

Sadly missed this beautiful visual reconstruction site throughout our Sunday School study of Ezekiel and Daniel, but the images will help Biblical and ancient history students better visualize one of the great ancient cities. Really great stuff.

See it here

Christmas– Michael Bay Style

The full album is available here, for one.

If You Must Have an Old English Bible, KJVers…

…We aim to please. Try this website.

No need to thank me.