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You Want Ancient Jewish and Christian Documents, Start Here

Instead of spending money on another half-baked Lost Gospel (None of the Above), aim your browser at this link and drown in legitimate texts. Be sure to click the links at the top left.


It Takes a Little Help To Kill a Mockingbird

Read the story of how one of the most famous novels of the 20th century was created by Harper Lee’s gift(s).


Seen on the shelves of a local Books-a-million:




I had nothing to do with Ehrman’s book hiding. I assume Bart requested that display from his natural modesty.

Jesus: The Prequels and Sequels

Christmas and Easter got you down? Tired of the same old stories? Just not impressed with feeding thousands and raising the dead anymore? Oblivious to the profundity of the Sermon on the Mount?

I’ve got the book for you! It that fan favorite, “the same thing but different”.


Bat Ehrman and Zlatko Plese have extracted the English portion of their multi-language scholarly book The Apocryphal Gospels to make The Other Gospels, a collection of forty noncanonical gospels of Jesus that are all the rage among early Christian scholars, but often inaccessible to the general public. Now you can read what people are all excited by on the Internet and the documentary TV channels for yourself.

Available at reasonable prices in paperback and ebook.

Multiple Choice Christmas…

In Greek, no less!


(Swanson’s New Testament Greek Manuscripts, Luke)

Don’t Be A Baby…

…Read the Nativity Story in English the way it was intended.


(Tyndale 1526 facsimile)

History versus Hollywood: Barry Strauss Edition


Though I often read books to learn the truth about movies I’ve already seen (good thing about Hollywood), I find it much more entertaining to read the book first if possible and then laugh and snark at the movie. Here’s three ancient war titles related to films from Barry Strauss.