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That Makes the Work Worth It….

My pastor looked at my Sunday School Notes to teach a class this week.

His comment? “Thirty-three pages! Dude!!”

I can retire content, now.

Halloween Ancient Style

Another link to a different blog post for Halloween. This time it’s from Tom “Long Live the American Revolution!” Verenna. Don’t click here if you’re easily frightened.

Vampire Archaeology

Been a while since I posted a link. So, in honor of Halloween season, here’s one. Dorothy “I blog for dog toys” King gives an intro to excavated “vampires” here.

That’s My Excuse for Today

I’d write a blog but @ChuckWendig would sue for copyright infringement– in colorful and vulgar language, too.

Chuck Wendig’s NSFW writing blog

Amos Blog Series

Old Testament Professor and blogger Claude Mariottini has written some nine blogs so far on the Prophet Amos and his visions. Excellent overview material for those reading and studying Amos, like all of us using Lifeway’s Explore the Bible series this quarter.

You can read the Amos blogs starting here. (Claude is apparently reworking his blog. A few pages have disappeared. These are the current working Amos pages. Hopefully the other pages get added again, because they’re all good.)

Incidentally, a Milestone… uhh…

This is my 1002 post.  I’d throw a party but Christmas, car insurance, and Logos 5 upgrade are all upcoming. Have to save my pennies.

A Little Roundup on the Authenticity of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

This question can get technical very quickly, so I recommend easing into the subject this way:

1. Two articles, with pictures, from Tom Verenna

2. Move on to the brief post from Paul Barford

3. Dive into the deep end with the scholars at Evangelical Textual Criticism (read the comments section)


4. Put on your protective gear and read this from Francis Watson

A Little Musical Help With My Hobbies

In the Mail: The Other Side

This is what I usually get from the mailman. How about you?