A Snatch of Fiction

Chris looked down from his book to where Pat sat stretching on her yoga mat.

“You know studies have shown stretching past thirty seconds doesn’t do anything extra.”

“Don’t be hating yoga,” Pat murmured.

Chris shrugged.

“I just imagined a nurse practitioner would be more scientific in her exercise.”

Pat extended a leg and raised herself on her arms.

“Studies have shown yoga helps decrease stress and builds health discipline,” she told Chris.

“Point to the Rowley girl,” Chris admitted.

“Studies have shown yoga increases the sex drive” Pat added.

Chris stopped reading, watched her twist an arm under a leg.

“Game,” he conceded.

“And experience has shown men are fascinated with the possibilities of limber women,” Pat added.

Chris set his book down.

“Set and match. Is this going to take long?”

Pat grinned.

“More than thirty seconds.”


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