Esword and Logos: Dueling Banjo Screen Captures

Never screen captured before, and with all this talk tonight of Bible software, I thought I’d mix the two, on the following week’s  Sunday School lesson on 2 Peter 1: 1-21:

Logos 4 Screen (must pick your panels):

Esword 10.1 (pick favorites to display, then pick what to view among them):

As you can see, I use Logos for more modern commentary and technical research, while I use eSword for older commentary and research, stuff old enough not to violate copyright should I wish to repost it (at length) on the web. I use NET and NRSV translations in both programs. Both programs allow considerable flexibility in screen/ desktop setup. Logos is increasingly more powerful in it’s many automated research features, but a great deal of study can be done at a fraction of the price with eSword.


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