September 30 in History

420 AD: Death of Jerome, bible scholar who translated the Hebrew and Greek Testaments to give the world the Latin Vulgate.

1452: TRaditional date for printing of the World’s first printed Bible, the Gutenberg Bible. It is a copy of the Latin Vulgate of Jerome.

1399: Henry of Bolingbroke is proclaimed Henry IV, king of England, having dethroned Richard II (to much popular acclaim, Richard being a sort of proto- absolute monarch), thus planting a large seed for the Wars of the Roses.

1791: The first performance of Mozart’s last opera, The Magic Flute, took place in Vienna.

1888: Jack the Ripper kills two women in one night (probably), Liz Stride and Catherine Eddowes.

1927: Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to score 60 home runs in a season.

1955: James Dean, movie star, dies in auto accident at age 24.


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