Day: September 26, 2012

First Blogcast: Only For the Strong of Stomach

This is why no one asks me to do much public speaking.

The All-Encompassing Goulablogger Philosophy

You were expecting something that wouldn’t fit on a t-shirt?!

Scholars Seriously Diss Jesus Wife; Some Treat Her Better Now

For those under a rock the last half day or so, Harvard Theological Review has apparently decided not to publish Karen King’s article on the Jesus’ Wife papyri, citing the doubts of four Coptic scholars who reviewed it. Scholars are piling on Jesus’ little wife in a big way now, so much so that some people are cautioning that maybe the dismissal of the fragment is premature.

It’s all here from James “I Live; I Roundup” McGrath, who has already found a way to connect this to Doctor Who. Star Trek will apparently take longer.