Day: April 12, 2012

Resurrection Tomb Mystery Summary

Too much Arimethea, too much CGI, too much staging, too much leading the viewer. Cool technology, cool archaeological site.

Yes it’s short, courtesy of Twitter. But that’s about all the verbiage the show seems worth.

Check out the triple live blogs on the show:

Tom Verenna

Mark Goodacre

Bob Cargill


Another “Jonah Ossuary” Roundup

Courtesy of James “I’m All Over It” McGrath. He obviously had some spare time during those repetitive commercials at the beginning of classic Doctor Who dvds.

Another Example of YouTube Actually being Educational

At Bob Cargill‘s YouTube page which mixes some personal material with a lot of scholarly stuff, including a number of videos on that current controversy, soon to be forgotten, the “Jonah Ossuary”.

Personally it leads me to wonder if being a “digital humanist” and “advocate of higher public education” means you get to goof on the Internet a lot.