Some Old and New Rules about Guns: Goulablogger Edition

There are a couple of universal rules of gun safety everyone who is even around guns, much less wielding them, should know:

1. All guns are Always Loaded. Be very careful.

2. Thus Never Point a Gun at Anything You Don’t Wish to Destroy, Obliterate, Kill.

3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger until you want to Destroy, Obliterate, Kill something.

4. Always Know Your Target Background. Because No One Really Shoots As Good as the fictional media says, and bullets can have a mind of their own.

Along with these, I would add three simple rules to consider before ever even owning a gun:

1. No point in having a gun on you if you are not going to use it. Otherwise a criminal will take it off you (whatever state you’re in at that point) and use it against someone else. Don’t abet crime.

2. If you own guns, keep them well-secured. The life you save thereby could be someone you care about.

3. The Most Secure Place for Guns is On Your Person. If it isn’t, go back to Rule Number One: No point in having it.


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