A Little Nod of Thanks Would Be Nice…

BBC. I just received three recent Doctor Who DVDs, and have plans to buy several more the next few months. Lots of double dips coming out, but the extras are some of the best features of classic Who releases, making many double dips worth the bucks.

Today’s haul:

The Sensorites

The Android Invasion

Invasion of the Dinosaurs.


4 thoughts on “A Little Nod of Thanks Would Be Nice…

    1. Amen, amen, I say unto you amen.

      Extras are why I like DVDs and blurays. Having a picture clear enough to make out a cute actress’ freckles under her makeup is nice but not necessary to enjoy a story.

    1. Yes, I’ve long had the Tom Baker and Peter Davison series memorized from repeated viewings courtesy of PBS, so the features are a definite draw there.

      The extra about Philip Hinchcliffe’s post-Who career on “Android Invasion” is quite nice. I think I actually saw snippets of some of his shows back in the day.

      The Liz Sladen interview on “Invasion of the Dinosaurs” is too short, but Liz was more animated during it than usual, which is nice.

      The “making of” features on both of these are quite enjoyable, as usual.

      Yes, I’m an addict.

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