Burning Insight…

I’m not using either of my bible software, eSword or Logos, to anything like their full capacity.

More fool me.


2 thoughts on “Burning Insight…

  1. I could say the same. I’ve used Accordance since 1999, have taught all day Accordance seminars, have worked the Accordance booth at ETS/SBL three times, and I don’t use it to its fullest ability either.

  2. What does it meant to “use it to its fullest ability?”

    I’ve been on a project where I’ve been at creating my own Bible reader interface, and expanding (like crazy) my knowledge of open licensed texts for it. I’m learning that biblical literacy is more than just reading/understanding the texts, but creating this book that makes sense to me based on this text I believe.

    Does “using it to its fullest ability” look like something more than using all of the features the tools contain? Does it look like teaching someone else to use it? Does it look like contributing content, code, methods/behaviors? Or, does it spark in the Body something else?

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