Biblical Manuscripts and Doctor Who Episodes…

Courtesy of fellow Whovian Mark Goodacre, the comparison between finding losting biblical manuscripts and lost Doctor Who episodes.

Well, fact is, these things do happen.

“Can’t you turn off the telepathic circuits? I can’t tell what language this Gospel of Thomas is written in,” Goodacre complained.

“That’s the problem with the telepathic trick, ” the Doctor agreed.

“I do know ancient languages you know, ” Goodacre reminded him.

“Yes, but you can never get the dialects right, which is a dead giveaway. And I do mean, dead. Slaps a label on the forehead, ‘Outsider, kill me now’. Have to be very careful. Do you have any idea how many lives it took me to speak English in other than received pronunciation?”


The Doctor looked at Goodacre in horror.

“You’re not one those…fans… are you?”

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