Thanks for the Material, Rick Warren

A recent Warren tweet: “God WONT ask “Were u a Calvinist?Arminian?Pentecostal?Catholic?Orthodox?Evangelical? He’ll ask “What’d you do with Jesus?”

Rick’s tweets have a way of making me go “Wait a minute!” (That’s why I don’t follow him on Twitter.)

In this case, not only is Rick dismissing some serious theological differences, but he’s giving a false impression of Judgment Day. Check Jesus’ Judgment parables out. The Judge doesn’t ask mankind anything, he tells them. Probably because he knows every worthless word (Mat 12:36), every hair on your head (Mat 10:30), and what is done for the least of his brethren (Mat  25:40), to mention a few things.

But then, that sounds like a very *sovereign* God, which adjective is not entirely popular in the SBC.


3 responses to “Thanks for the Material, Rick Warren

  1. Indeed we cannot escape a Sovereign God! HE will show-up certainly at the end! (And to each of us!) This should make one tremble somehow! But we can quote Jude 24-25, which is of course for those that can say, “Amen”!

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