Bible Apps for Ipad, Kindle Fire, Android and other Mobiles

Better together like peanut butter and chocolate, here are numerous links all in one place. They did miss mostly free MySword for Android

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4 thoughts on “Bible Apps for Ipad, Kindle Fire, Android and other Mobiles

  1. The Holy Bible KJV (King James Version) for Android Free
    It is in English, rated at:
    – The Old Testament
    – The New Testament
    – The Pentateuch
    – Historical Books
    – Poetic Books
    – Major Prophets
    – Minor Prophets
    – The Gospels

    It has features like:
    – Add verses to favorites
    – Create notes to verses
    – Search for words, phrases, complete or partial
    – Bread of Life
    – Share with contacts: Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc..
    – Widget to your desktop
    – No Internet connection required for operation.
    – Contains a brief explanation of each book.
    – Design and nice GUI, dark to save battery.

    Download from Market

    Leave your comment here:


  2. I would like to add an app to this list of bible apps

    Sacred Words iPhone App
    Sacred Words is an innovative word game where not only can you use normal dictionary words, you can use words from the Bible as well! Additionally, you can further your mind by actually clicking on a word to retrieve the standard and/or Biblical definition of the word that was last played.

    You can download it from here:

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