Good for Everyone’s Mobile, Better for Logos Software Users is Logos Bible Software‘s mobile reference site. Still in beta development, it offers a number of bible translations and bible study books for all with free registration. But for Logos software users, it offers internet access to your entire Logos book collection, which is handy (but draining on your battery with wifi) if you’re using a device without a huge hard drive to hold some form of Logos software. It has a single column mobile view and wraps text, so that it is much easier to use than a common website.

The list of resources available for free, without registration:

English Standard Version
The New International Version (1984)
New Living Translation
The New King James Version
The Holman Christian Standard Bible
King James Version
The NET Bible
GOD’S WORD Translation
Apocrypha of the Old Testament
The Good News Translation
The Message
New Century Version
Podle Puvodního Vydání Kralického
Szent Biblia
Giovanni Diodati Bibbia
Arabic Bible (Smith & Van ***)
Authorized Version
Traducción en lenguaje actual
Stephen’s Textus Receptus (1550)
Scrivener’s Textus Receptus (1881)
1881 Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament
Novum Testamentum Graece
Elzevir Textus Receptus (1624) With Morphology
Stephen’s Textus Receptus (1550) With Morphology
Scrivener’s Textus Receptus (1894) With Morphology
The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2005
Novum Testamentum Graece (Tischendorf)
The King James Version Apocrypha
The Revised Standard Version
The New Revised Standard Version
Reina-Valera Actualizada
Louis Segond
Luther Bibel (1545)
Luther Bibel (1912)
American Standard Version
Русский Синодальный Перевод (1876/1956)
La Biblia de las Américas
1890 Darby Bible
New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update
Young’s Literal Translation
The Cambridge Paragraph Bible of the Authorized English Version
The Lexham English Bible
Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos
New International Reader’s Version
The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition
Today’s New International Version
Clementine Vulgate
Apparatus for the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition
Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the New Testament
Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the Old Testament

Now add these with simple registration:

The New Testament in the Original Greek (Westcott and Hort)
The Pilgrim’s Progress
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Morning and Evening
The Imitation of Christ
New Nave’s Topical Bible
Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
St. Paul the Traveller and the Roman Citizen
Diving For Pearls In God’s Treasure Chest
Sermons, on Several Occasions
Selected Sermons of George Whitefield
Power through Prayer
The Necessity of Prayer
In His Steps
The Training of the Twelve; or, Passages out of the Gospels, Exhibiting the Twelve Disciples of Jesus under Discipline for the Apostleship
Systematic Theology
Why Four Gospels?
Traveling in the Holy Land Through the Stereoscope
Dictionary of the Vulgate New Testament
Holbein’s Bible Woodcuts
An Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin
Glossary of Morpho-Syntactic Database Terminology
A Concise Dictionary of the Words in the Greek Testament and The Hebrew Bible
The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

And of course, your wallet is the limit if you register as a Logos owner.

Definitely worth a bookmark, I think. It’s the best bible study site I’ve come across for use with the browser on my Kindle, so far.


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