Times That Try My Soul

No, I’m not referring to illness, finances, or romance. I’m referring to the fact that early this year sees another round of Doctor Who double dips.

The American Who DVD release schedule is back up to speed the next three months, with eight classic Who episodes released, along with NuWho’s latest Christmas Special. That alone gives pause to anyone trying to be careful with his dollars. To make matters worse, some four of the releases are redos.

Mind you, if you hadn’t got the redo episodes already then you’d leap at the new versions, which continue the tradition of great special features we’ve come to expect from Who DVDs. And which are the sole reason to buy the DVDs, since you can watch the episodes all over the place now that Internet video is going strong. But us previous owners are faced with a dilemna if we want to at least pretend we’re being fiscally responsible.

In principle I try not to buy all Who DVDs, much less double dips, but in practice, as a thirty plus year fan of the show and a special features geek, the discs are pretty irresistible, and I’ll probably get the double dips, along with the new shows.  But I reserve the right to proclaim my struggles.


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