Crawl Back to School– Why does this seem familiar?

You’ve probably seen the story of the six year old boy who broke his leg and suffered a concussion on during school and was completely ignored by his teacher(s).

This sounded familar to me, but I couldn’t quite place it for a moment.

Then I remembered the many tales my older Catholic relatives told of ruler-wielding nuns who would likely have told the boy suffering was a gateway to heaven and to give his suffering to God as he was crawling back to class…

And I thought clowns were scary. Brrrr… nuns.

Of course, if this had happened in a Protestant school the kid likely would have been admonished to suck it up, and how did he expect to make it in life if he let a little pain stop him? He’d never make it on the football team…

At least the nuns mentioned God….

HT:Jim “Popular” West

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