First Random Thoughts of 2012

1. You know it’s winter when  “which sink heats water quickest” is a burning question.

2. Horses have any number of gaits. Why then are they always running in movies and tv?

3. A huge part of the entertainment industry seems based on envy that other people are/were having more fun at sex and drinking than the viewer(s). Don’t people know everyone else is/were always lying about that?

4. The question isn’t why Nu Who is so sentimental. The question is why are all the viewers so sentimental?

5. What with everything in entertainment being on the Internet now, what will the crime and suicide rates look like if the Internet goes down?

6. It’s January 3rd. How many New Year’s Resolutions are already dead on arrival?

7. It’s been about three months since I looked at a comic book. Has everything I knew changed? Again?

8. Given the debates in modern theology, sometimes I long for “How many angels can fit on a pinhead?” to make a comeback.

9. The eternal question: Is that Hebrew written left to right, or right to left?

10. The real battle of the sexes: How many shoes constitute a proper wardrobe?


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