Around the Internet…

1. Jim West is Complaining.  What else is new?

2. Chris Tilling demonstrates that the academic monopoly of modern poetry is what has killed it as popular literature. Also that as in most marriages, his wife has all the good sense.

3. The Cargills have awoke from their nap. Be afraid. Be very afraid if you perpetrate ancient silliness for profit.

4. Mark Stevens has made Logos Software very happy and he and the Near Emmaus blog have decided to see different sites. Wait, did I get that out of order?

5. Dorothy King continues to give good twitter, while her dog is still an internet glamour queen.

6. April DeConick is apparently still lost in the wilds of San Francisco. Someone hunt her down and say (all together now) “Dr. DeConick, I presume?”

7. Claude Mariottini has new blog digs. Shiny.

8. My pastor, Dr. Jay Cook, is collecting foursquare badges. We’re a very sober-minded Southern Baptist church, as readers of his twitter and this blog can tell.

9. The BLT bloggers are all over the map– in the best way.

10. The Goulabloggger continues to substitute “wit” for substance, short posts for longer more substantial ones. It must be his maximum typing speed of twenty-five words a minute. Or so he claims….


2 thoughts on “Around the Internet…

  1. Re being all over the map — thanks! One things I really appreciate about your blog is that it is a record of a complete human being — one with interests in many different aspects of life.

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