Why Easter is More Important than Christmas

Because as commercialized as Easter is, it’s NOTHING! compared to Christmas.

Of course, maybe I’ve been in retail twenty-five Christmases too many.


4 thoughts on “Why Easter is More Important than Christmas

  1. Annunciation’s the traditional beginning of the church calendar, isn’t it? (I’m Southern Baptist. What’s a liturgical year?)

    I do wonder where Rev 2-3 fit in the calendar, though.

    Maybe I should actually get up and look at a book. πŸ˜‰

    This is about the first Christmas I can remember where my immediate family isn’t really going to gather together on Xmas eve (X= Chi, ok?). A sad milestone.

    1. Yes, sadly my Irish family are mostly before the Lord now. I still have many cousins, but they are mostly younger and scattered over Ireland and England, and a few in Scotland even. Strange just a few have come to America, like my younger brother. Indeed meeting on Christmas Eve was also our family tradition, egg nog, creame cheese chocolate muffins,
      yum! My wife can still make them! πŸ™‚

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