Read the Gospels in a Year– Synoptically

Alan Kurschner today pointed to this previous post suggesting one read through just the gospels in 2012, but with a synopsis, giving several reasons he believes this is a good idea.

As he points out, the happy coincidence is that the standard Aland Synopsis is divided into 367 units, making it a near perfect one a day read. It is available in several editions, including an Greek/English diglot, an English only , or the Greek student’s old friend, the all Greek edition. The several big bible software packages have the Aland synopsis available as well, I believe.

I would add these books make reading the Christmas story in “chronological” order that much easier as well, and that in March 2012 (God Willing) the Explore the Bible Sunday School literature will move into the Gospel of Luke for three months (not long enough!), a study in which a synopsis will be quite handy.

I would also add that I also recommend a sort of study gospel harmony, in the HCSB translation, but that it is divided into 184 sections, making it a six month read, if you so choose. It’s footnotes and articles make it a nice reference for gospel study. It is available in hardcover and Kindle and for some bible software packages.

Update:  I forgot one can get the Aland 367 unit synopsis in a quite modern translation in the NET Bible Synopsis of the Four Gospels, in paperback, for a very reasonable price.


3 thoughts on “Read the Gospels in a Year– Synoptically

  1. Is there a guide for this somewhere? I really would like to view one. We’re doing a Bible through the year at our church and we would like something for the younger set to read as well.

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