The Best Five Bucks on Kindle You Can Spend

The NET Bible with notes (60,000 of them!) is available on Kindle for a mere five bucks. The comments on Amazon make it plain this is one of the easier to navigate kindle ebooks available. And if you’ve read around the biblioblogs you know that despite some reservations (because nothing is perfect, especially in a project as big as a huge study bible translation) the NET Bible is simply the first stop reference work for any number of bibliobloggers and bible study folk. It is excellent for understanding translation issues, and can usually point you to deeper study of any issue with the scripture you might have.

I’ve already given this as a gift, and it is as of now my Kindle gift of choice.

(Okay, it needs the apocrypha.  I agree, RCCers and EOers. It’s still worth five bucks. Many times over.)

Buy it, already.


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