Pioneers take the Arrows- Even with eSword 10

By now, with some 6000 + members at BibleSupport, I suspect any eSword news I post is already well-known, but nevertheless, here’s my latest:

eSword 10 is in final testing, and it has one huge improvement: Extended searching throughout all topic files at once. That’s a monumental improvement in usefulness, because topic files are the most numerous, easiest to make files available for eSword.

Another intriguing improvement is the linking of eSword with SermonAudio, so that within the program you can now click to hear messages on the verses you are studying. I’m sure plenty of people will flip over that one.

The arrows I refer to are this: the latest test version, eSword 10.0.3 has a reset in the programming that is hiding text in a number of modules. The good news is it has been reported and the problem is already known, which is fast service indeed.

Just don’t upgrade to 10.0.3 if you need to use all your resources right away. I was going to get ahead on Sunday School notes, but some of the best commentaries aren’t available to me at the moment. The solution is likely not long in coming, especially since everything worked under 10.0.2. Updates have been coming pretty much daily since 11-1-2011.

UPDATE 11-4-2011:   And sure enough eSword 10.0.4 is released, with recoding to allow the loosely coded user modules to display properly once again in the program. Download folks, this is a serious improvement over the old versions.

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