Queen Elizabeth I- The Goulablogger Way

You’re going to have to want it more with Elizabeth Tudor than her medieval predecessors.

Elizabeth R  is simply hands down the best dramatic presentation of her life ever done, running some nine hours and going out of its way to match existing portraits of the people involved and frequently quoting from historical documents. Glenda Jackson’s Elizabeth strikes one more as a force of nature at times than a human being, but that makes the veneration in which she was held all the more believable. The series is available on dvd here, or for Amazon Prime members, free here. Needless to say, for Prime members this a great bargain, whether it is your first viewing or the fifth.

It is with the books that the effort is required, for the best books are fat books. Anne Somerset’s Elizabeth I is  generally cited as the best scholary biography, is a reasonably priced paperback, but not for the fain-heated at hearly seven hundred pages. “Almost too detailed” is a common review on Amazon. Things get no easier with my other recommendation, the Norton Critical Edition Elizabeth I and Her Age again resonably-priced but exactly seven hundred pages of historic source material including letters, chronicles, poetry and historians’ essays covering the history, background, and culture Elizabeth’s long reign.


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