Day: October 15, 2011

If You Have to Use Headphones…

…but don’t have a headphone jack, Turtle Beach’s Ear Force DSS works quite well on a variety of inputs.

I’m using mine to listen to my Blu-Ray player with headphones, and it works quite well. It does, of course, cost about two thirds the price of a cheap Blu-Ray player, but it beats by miles the extra cost of a computer system with blu-ray built in.

UPDATE 10-22-11: Being a Dolby product, the Earforce doesn’t like DTS sound. To use it with DTS-only Blu-rays, you must go under your blu-ray players’ menu and convert the DTS sound to PCM.

Yes, if it’s not one thing it’s another.


It’s Going to be One of Those Days….

The cooking element in the microwave went out for breakfast.

The cheap replacement microwave wanted to run on it’s own.

Third time is the charm, but that made breakfast into lunch.

If Murphy is watching, I’m in deep doo-doo.

Dracula, Lord of Lead Codices

The Jordanian Lead Codices resemble the Lord of the Undead in that they keep coming back no matter how many times they are apparently killed.

I’m thinking of dressing up as the Lead Codices for Halloween.