For the Curious, or the Bored….

I am typing away at my outmoded netbook as glorious Gulf Coast sun streams into my hotel room.

My mother’s family is having a reunion this weekend, with the big meal a little later tonight, before most of us disperse again tomorrow.

Some things never change:

1. I present no pictures of my hotel room because it looks like everyhotel room I’ve ever stayed in, including the several weeks I lived alone in hotel courtesy of the University of Southern Mississippi (there was no room in the dorm).

2. The hotel restaurant pricces are outrageous.

3. The hotel wifi works when it wants to, which is off and on all day. This is the best signal I’ve had in a day and half.

4. Needing to replace my shoes, I spent two hours in a local bookstore, and ten minutes picking new tennis shoes. 😉

The books are (links later):

1. The Complete Roman Army, by Adrian Goldsworhty

2. A Brief Guide to Secret Religions, by David Barrett. (I love the Brief History/Guide series, and am working on filling a shelf with them.)

More anon, wifi permitting.


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