Let’s Talk about Me #1,837,603

1. It’s movie day. Again. Which means it’s fall off the diet day at the Chinese buffet, too. So even if the movies are bad, it’s a good day. Transformers 3, Bad Teacher, if you wanted to know. And yes, I absolutely will walk out of movies. Especially with bookstores nearby.

2. I need to mow the grass but those three digit heat indexes make me hesitate. You believe that, don’t you?

3. I finished Getting to know the Church Fathers yesterday during a thunderstorm that never got here. I should do a proper review, but the short version is me in a cheerleader uniform shaking my pom poms wildly. (Once you’ve visited the plaster altar at that image, I will continue).

Best intro for novices to the Church Fathers I’ve seen.

6. NIV 2011 (available in a nice thinline crossreference large print black letter pastors might like) is still on the radar but Gay marriage looks to be overtaking it in certain blogging circles.

7. To prove I am made of multitudes (or am just as hypocritical as the next guy) I offer the evidence that I took the ESVA to prayer meeting last night. No, no one noticed because I am notorious about taking unusual (for an SBCer) bibles to church. Maybe if I get an NABRE with a big picture of Pope Benedict on it….

8. I have not downloaded the CSNTM videos from ITunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/institution/center-for-study-new-testament/id416966041) yet. As a textual critical geek I feel SO ASHAMED.

9. Curious to see if the love for Bart Ehrman will extend to his latest Apocryphal Gospels, which as a diglot strikes me as too technical for local bookstores. I shall report back.

10. Having discovered Jim West as well as Joel Watts have YouTube accounts I hearby pledge not to use my Webcam no matter how desperate Nick Norelli is to see my bookcases (I beg your pardon). My chief political stance is one should be able to eat and surf the web at the same time without fear of, ahem, upchucking.


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