Breaking News

1. It’s cool enough to mow the yard at six am on the Gulf Coast. Problem is everyone’s Mom has a gun and a desire for sleep down here. Maybe I’ll mow later.

2. Jim West dons his cheerleader uniform for the new CEB translation. Says he loves it more than the REB. REB is really depressed about the break up.

3. Been reading those godly men my pastor, Dr. Jay Cook, follows on Twitter. Conclusion: friends don’t let friends tweet.

4. This from Twitter kinda sums up the whole gender in bible translation thing for me:

“Rick Warren:  Agnostic means ignorant in Greek: (a)without + (gnosis) knowledge. Huxley, in 1870, used it 1st as a theological label.”

Um, Rick? We’re communicating in English. There’s a word, “usage”?

5. Following the great Mark Goodacre’s example, I declare Fiber One 80 Calorie Honey Squares the official cereal of the Goulablogging blog.


2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Here’s what I actually said-

    Only one version excels it in vividness and that would be the Revised English Bible. However, that said, in terms of accuracy of translation, the CEB excels even that excellent rendition.

    No where will you find the phrase ‘loves it more’.

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