Hey, What’s Up with That, T.C.?

New Leaven blog is giving an “expired domain name” message. What will I do for my T.C. Robinson fix? You know, how he posts “I don’t think I like this translation” and gets eighty-seven comments, or worse, “I have this problem with Calvinism” and gets a hundred fifty comments?

Dave Black out of town, TC Robinson down… if Jim West takes a trip I will go through complete biblioblogging withdrawal. (So I guess the rest of you know where you rate. Joel.)


4 thoughts on “Hey, What’s Up with That, T.C.?

  1. I was wondering what happened to TC. I generally read him in Google Reader so it’s been a bit weird to see that he hasn’t posted in a while. I wouldn’t have known that his domain name expired if you hadn’t mentioned it. Hopefully he’ll get that resolved soon.

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