Newest Book Acquisitions

A few books on the Church Fathers:

Getting to know the Church Fathers by Bryan Litfin

Justin Martyr and His Worlds by Sarah Parvis and Paul Foster

Irenaeus of Lyons by Eric Osborn

Ignatius of Antioch: A Martyr Bishop and the origin of Episcopacy by Allen Brent

Political History of Early Christianity by Allen Brent

Then the second book on the two sacraments recognized by Souther Baptists:

The Lord’s Supper by Thomas Schreiner and Matthew Crawford

And two bibles, one for me in protest of Southern Baptists, the other for my mother to better follow our pastor:

NIV Thinline Reference Bible

HCSB Ultrathin Reference Bible

The Bibles, the Lord’s Supper, and Getting to know the Church Fathers were all bought at Lifeway, and all using a 30% discount card, so I really got the NIV 2011 more or less free.

My problem now is I have so many interesting books I don’t know where to start. If only all my problems were so painless….


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