And On Trinity Sunday, Too…

Imagine my surprise to get a copy of the Worship folder at my church today and discover this in the outline of the AM Sermon Notes:

“1. Your Real Heavenly Father Came to Earth to Set a Good Example  John 1:1-14”

I immediately looked around to see if I had inadvertently walked into a Oneness Pentecostal Church, and then realized my pastor was either rushed, tired, betrayed by the printer, or has a drinking problem he needs to confess. Apparently in the zeal of giving a Father’s Day sermon, he made an outline that reads like support for an ancient modern heresy:

Modalism.:  Also called Sabellianism [An early-third-century trinitarian heresy named for Sabellius, who taught that the one God revealed himself successively in salvation history first as Father (Creator and Lawgiver), then as Son (Redeemer) and finally as Spirit (Sustainer, Giver of Grace). Hence for Sabellius there is only one divine person, not three as in Christian trinitarianism.], the trinitarian heresy that does not view Father, Son and Spirit as three particular “persons in relation” but merely as three modes or manifestations of the one divine person of God. (Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms)

Such a heresy leads to another oldie but goodie:

Patripassianism: Derived from the Greek words patēr (father) and paschō (to suffer), the term refers to an early type of modalism that suggested that the one God (the Father) became incarnate in the form of the Son, was born of a virgin and suffered and died on the cross. This belief was declared heretical by the early church.(Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms)

This was not preached this morning, thank goodness, but still, I am wondering about that closet drinking problem….


2 thoughts on “And On Trinity Sunday, Too…

  1. I think you are nick-picking…God is ONE and I believe you’re pastor was lead by the Spirit. Trinitarians and Oneness Pentecostals need to stop making it complicated. The 3 are 1, which means it can’t be separated.

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