More Confessions

1. I have become a High Definition Bigot: It took a while, but I now defintely prefer my films and TV in high def. On the other hand, I’m not tossing out my over-large DVD collection just yet.

2. I Screwed Up After Katrina: Having to choose between my CD collection and my DVD collection, I saved my DVDs. Big mistake. Blu-Ray is replacing DVD (see#1) and a large part of my CD collection (movie scores, celtic traditional) are now expensive collectors items.

3. I am a River Monsters fanatic: Guess what I’m watching at midnight thirty after work most nights? Yeah, fishing porn. I can’t get enough of this show that’s part fishing, part travelogue, and a third part educational series. Two thumbs up, way up.

4. I’m  ahead on Jeremiah notes because I’m SO underwhelmed by Jeremiah commentaries: You’d think there’d be a decent semi-technical  (semi-technical means what I point to when I use the term. It’s hard to describe) commentary out there, but so far I’ve been disappointed in all the Amazon “Look Inside” tries I’ve made, not to mention my two **** star commentaries I bought.

5. I’m taking yet another vacation next week: Because I can and because if I don’t use it before Fall I lose it.

6. I’ve yet to read Augustine’s Confessions: There are just so many translations to choose from. You believe that, don’t you?


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