The Newest, the Bestest, the… Ouch! My Wallet!!

Yes, sometimes having the freshest resources hurts, right in the pocketbook.

This is the newest, bestest edition of Justin Martyr‘s Apologies available. It’s peachy keen, not least because it’s a diglot. Unfortunately I have to omit the price for this cool book because one of my three regular readers has a weak heart. This is one of those books, you’ve got to want a lot. Hard.

Mind you, this is hardly the most expensive biblical studies type tome I’ve ever seen. Which makes me suggest, if you want to know why your seminary or university’s tuition is so high, check their library holdings. It’s also good to know how expansive a library your educational institute has before choosing one, anyway.

In the meantime, the rest of us non- libraries can hope for a half(!) price paperback edition.

(Note I did not mention Brill once in this post. Well, almost.)


3 thoughts on “The Newest, the Bestest, the… Ouch! My Wallet!!

    1. Nick: That’s some pretty pricey volumes you got from Oxford. I’m surprised they were sending out such expensive samples.

      What’s that behind you?! (My arms aren’t that long, drat it.)

      Some of the Ancient Christian Writers series look well-translated and interestingly footnoted, but they don’t have that diglot coolness, alas.

      I find the Apostolic Fathers, Jusin Martyr, and Irenaeus about as far as I care to go in the Church Fathers, these days. The Fathers as a whole are a very deep well one could get trapped in and never come out, as it were. Take it slow is my motto.

      1. Chuck: I was just as surprised!

        I’m with you on the coolness of diglots. Translations are nice but not as nice as being able to check them against an source text.

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