Ouch! New Computer Time!

The fan on my five year old desktop decided it was time to buzz and buzz when I got home Tuesday night. Having gotten my tax refunds, I decided it was time to replace ye olde computre with a new one. So off to Wal*Mart I went and got a new mini-desktop from Acer. It’s not the top of the line machine I threatened to buy, but being five years newer than my olde computre, it is a definite improvement in speed and storage.


Acer 3400

3.1 HZ Dual Core Processor 4gb RAM


256 mb VidRAM (integrated to 1900 mb)

HDMI output (my 37 inch Sanyo doesn’t like the HDMI so I’m using the old VGA. Might be the cable, but I doubt it.)

You can see Wal*Mart’s ad for this minitower here.

It’s not the top of the line, but so far it’s quite good, especially for the money.


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