Pastor Makes Translation Switch

Dr. Jay Cook, after months of prayer and research, has finally decided to abandon the NKJV in favor of a new translation.

His choice?

 What are the advantages of the Action Bible?

1. No pesky Hebrew metaphors behind the text to deal with

2. No Song of Solomon to induce nervous giggles or outraged frowns

3. Virtually no Wisdom literature to confuse you.

4. Looks great projected on a big screen

5. No slaving over Greek textual variants behind the New Testament

6. Popular with both kids and geeky teen tween types

7. Still heavy enough to smite someone mightily with the Word of the Lord.

Of course, there is a problem with the switch. So many church members were brought up on

The Picture Bible

that they may have trouble adjusting to the new artwork in the Action Bible. And there is some concern that the Action Bible’s treatment of women is, well, egalitarian (pardon my language). But we’re sure the advantages outweigh the minor problems.

No translation is perfect, after all.

(PSST… It was really HCSB)


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