Lead Codices: Info Roundup Pages

Pretty well all these guys get more hits than I do, but if somehow you’ve missed them, here are the pages:


Tom Verenna’s round up, with photos!

Daniel McClellan’s round up with more photos!

Updated 4-5-2011: Jim West posts more damaging comments against the codices, this time from Robert Deutsch.

Updated 4-6-2011: Larry Hurtado has several posts on the codices, one highly memorable for his scholarly use of “Chill dude”. Again you’ve probably already read these, but if you haven’t, as Victor Borge would have said, “Why haven’t you?”

Updated 4-8-2011: Tom Verenna posts more links to evidence the leads codices are fraudulent.

Updated 4-12-2011: Steve Caruso examines the writing on the codices and finds yet more signs against the codices being genuine. Don’t you think we’d all be turning handsprings to find something genuine for a change?

This story that won’t die is about to be reduced to the trash can of archaeological history, methinks. Who says blogging is worthless?


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